Why Eat Like a Karmavore?

The foods you eat have such a huge bearing on not only your overall health, but how you feel and perform throughout the day. Keeping your cravings satisfied is such an important part of maintaining the balance needed to achieve your personal goals.

Karmavore Superfoods is committed to providing the healthiest snack foods possible, specifically formulated from the most nutritionally dense superfoods on earth to make you feel as good as they taste.

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Karmavore Superfoods is rooted in the belief of Karma which means action, work or deed; it also refers to the spiritual principle of cause and effect. This principle carries through to every aspect of our lives - in that everything we do has its consequence. This holds true for the foods that we eat.

Unfortunately people tend to eat food that taste good without appreciating how it makes them feel. This is partly because , but also because we only feel the effects of what we eat the following day - therefore sometimes making it hard to make the connection between how we feel and what we ate. We also grow so accustomed to repeating the same patterns, we get used feeling the same way.

Being aware of how foods make you feel is the first step towards being a Karmavore. Eating the right foods its such an important part of a healthy lifestyle. Eating nutritionally dense superfood based, low in sugar and refined-sugar free foods full of slow release energy will leave you feeling like a whole new person.

Meet the Team

Karmavore Superfoods was created by world-renowned yoga teacher, health enthusiast and entrepreneur – Brian Miller. With years of professional cooking experience Brian started experimenting with all kinds of different superfoods that not only tasted great but left him feeling amazing. With a passion for bringing health and wellness to others,  he decided to turn his new healthy creations into Karmavore Superfoods.

Brian came to yoga from a business and law background. After over 15 years of fitness and boxing experience, Brian tried yoga and was awed by the metamorphosis he experienced and continues to experience through his yoga practice. Brian truly believes that the practice of yoga can inspire both mental and physical transformation through the development of strength, balance, flexibility, focus, stamina and body awareness — enabling each of us to tap into our true inner potential.

Inspired by the profound impact the practice has had on his life, Brian is eager to share his passion for yoga. After owning a studio at home in Montreal, Canada, Brian began teaching online, assisting practitioners of all levels in deepening their practice. Brian’s online presence has been repeatedly featured by Instagram and various websites and blogs as one of the top yoga accounts on Instagram. He now works with private individuals and professional athletes and travels wordwide teaching workshops, retreats and intensive yoga teacher trainings. Back home in Montreal, Brian runs a superfood-based health food company by the name of Karmavore Superfoods, which he started in 2014 as a passion project and has grown into a thriving business with widespread distribution.

In achieving his advanced personal practice, Brian recognizes and demonstrates that anything is possible. One of Brian’s favourite quotes by Sri T. Krishnamacharya affirms that, “yoga makes the impossible possible, and the possible easy”. Brian believes that many of yoga’s benefits come from persisting through the ‘impossibilities’ and challenges we are all confronted with throughout our lives both on and off the mat. The transformative power of yoga comes from the reprogramming of pre-established mental pathways and thought processes, thereby allowing us to overcome beliefs deeply rooted within our psyches. Confronting deeply held beliefs about ourselves liberates us from their limiting effects and unleashes the practitioner’s true potential.

It is through this philosophy, coupled with varied experience and extensive training, that Brian develops classes that are accessible to all levels of students. Postures and transitions are broken down in a way that is easy to understand and makes sense in the body, enabling students to develop new body awareness in order to help deepen their practice and discover the truly transformative magic of yoga.

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