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What is a Karmavore?

Karmavore Superfoods is rooted in the belief of Karma which means action and more specifically the principle of cause and effect. This principle carries through to every aspect of our lives. This holds true for the foods that we eat, and their effect on our overall sense of wellness.

Unfortunately we too often eat food because of how it tastes without appreciating how it makes us feel. Being aware of how different foods make you feel is the first step towards being a Karmavore.

Hippocrates had it right when he said “let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food”. Eating the right food is the first and most important aspect of achieving and maintaining optimal health and will leave feeling like a whole new person!




Our Products

At Karmavore Superfoods we believe healthy food should be much more than just healthier alternatives. Determined to make the healthiest foods possible, Karmavore Superfoods intentionally selects every ingredient we use for their nutritional density and health benefits, creating snacks that not only taste amazing, but leave you feeling great too!

Check out our Superfood Ingredients to learn why we use the ingredients we do!

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Our Team

Karmavore Superfoods was created by world renowned yoga teacher, health enthusiast and entrepreneur – Brian Miller. With years of professional cooking experience, Brian started experimenting with all kinds of different superfoods that not only tasted great but left him feeling amazing. With a passion for bringing health and wellness to others,  he decided to turn his new healthy creations into Karmavore Superfoods.

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